Mental & Medical Waiver & Disclaimer

Massage als Medicijn provides private preventive healthcare services in the form of massages and breathing practices. The client agrees to provide any known mental/medical condition that might be affected by massage and breaking practices. The client is responsible for disclosing any mental and medical conditions to Massage als Medicijn before the start of the preventive health services. Mental conditions include, but are not limited to anxiety, stress, depression, and addictions. Medical conditions include but are not limited to heart conditions, stroke, diabetes, skin condition, and cancers. Massage als Medicijn cannot diagnose any medical conditions or provide a referral for mental and/or medical treatments or tests.


Massage als Medicijn is a private preventive health service provider. All massages are strictly professional massages performed by licensed and insured Massage Therapists. Breathwork is offered by certified online and in-person facilitators who are skilled, experienced and lived to offer breathing practice.

Any information received from clients shall be deemed strictly personal and confidential and the certified Massage therapist and Massage als Medicijn agrees it shall not divulge any information received from the client to any person or entity without such client’s written consent where applicable by aggregate law.


Breathing facilitators are certified, independent contractors who are solely responsible for their actions in connection with the above. None of the certified breathing facilitators are employees of They are independent contractors. is only a referral service providing access to qualified breathing practitioners. The client agrees to hold free from any liability resulting from any actions or interactions of any breathing facilitator recommended by


 Client agrees to indemnify and hold Massage als Medicijn harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, made by any third party due to, or arising out of, the use of any person or facility provided by Massage als Medicijn.