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About Who We Are

Our Commitments To You

At Massage als Medicijn we value Integrity. Here in our luxury private wellness center you are safe to relax, release and shake off negativity, pains, and regrets. We value the beauty and honesty of purity and act accordingly.

Privacy is our fundamental human right and being treated well results in freedom of expression, association and thought. The right to privacy is respected and valued as it involves you being protected in your sharing your feelings, thoughts, personal intimacies, and vulnerability to name a few.

Natural wellness nourishes the restorative power of the body. Combining the power of touch with Breathwork stimulates the body to activate healing to restore balance and strength. What could be more beneficial than the nourishing effects of pure and natural products?

Our Commitments To You
Our Commitments To You
Nourish Wellness
Stillness | Skills
Nourish Wellness Our Values

Stillness | Skills

We value health and the qualities that life is offering us. Sometimes life gets in the way with ups and downs and more than we would like to admit, we feel stressed, anxious and deprived of inner-peace. It is of vital importance to connect to our values, to create a safe space to connect to ourselves, to become aware of our own needs, to nourish and love yourself. With respect to privacy and self-care we offer you heaven-on-earth experience. Reconnect in stillness and be nourished by skilled hands and purest natural products.


Did you know that there are many angels on earth? Skilled bodyworkers who guild you to inner peace and help you reconnect to your heart? Especially for these skilled heart-workers, we have founded Angelclub. Angelclub supports by training and nourishment skilled professionals in need for love and energy. To create space and time to relax, learn and recharge body, mind and spirit to continue performing the wonderful healing powers on earth. By nurturing these healing angels who take care of you and me, we believe we support, empower and strengthen them in continuing to build a world of care, connection and community.

Stillness | Skills
Terms of Service

Dear customer, the following conditions apply:

We provide private preventive healthcare services in the form of massage and breathing practices. In order to serve you well, it is essential that you share any known mental and medical condition that might effect the treatment before the start. Prior to any service, we will always ask you about your health, please read our Terms & Conditions here. Click Here

We respect your privacy with our integrity. Any information you share is personal and strictly confidential. Your medical, mental and heart issues are safe with us.

In case you need to reschedule your wellness moment specific terms apply, please read our terms of service on Fees & Cancellations here. Click Here