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Wellness Welcome to Massage Als Medicijn

Nourish the body,
Connect to the Soul

Wellness Welcome to Massage Als Medicijn

True beauty
radiates from within

Wellness Welcome to Massage Als Medicijn

Wellnness Oasis

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Integrity| Natural| Angels on Earth

How do you know what kind of massage you need, what it means and why you should give it a try? In my own massage journey of curiosity I was guided by the belief that what we experience in life - and sometimes even before we are born - , is stored in our body. I researched various massages before I enrolled in a professional massage education. I was fascinated by the concept of Emotional Bodywork, I read “The Body Keeps the Score” from professor and psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk and started with Integratieve massage. Thereafter, I continued my journey to discover and learn so that I am able to serve you to the best of my ability. 

  • Relax for Longevity
  • Balance & Harmonies
  • Private health practice
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We provide Natural
Healthy Massages

Beauty massage 90 min €225

Ultra-modern Natural care

Massage as Medicine

Connects you with your body

Leisure in Luxury

Connecting you with feelings of joy
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My massages are never the same, this uniqueness is my authentic signature. Beside of the toolbox of strokes, techniques and tools, I allow myself the freedom to feel what is present and needed for the energy that is present in the moment. Naturally the massage that you select forms the basis of the unique experience, the following order and the products used during the massage may vary along with the tools used. Warm oils, towels, scrub cream, Gua sha… each massage is a unique, nourishing experience. 

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